Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 1, 18 May

Seguin Island Lighthouse Quarters and Lighthouse
We are here! At the Seguin Island Station!  We came out yesterday - one day delay to get better weather. The seas were still a bit high but we made it just fine with two boatloads with 6 of us and our dog Sacatar. Sac got a little scared when the small ferry boat went faster in the bigger swells but we sat down on the boat floor with her and calmed her. She did great with the transfer into the rubber dingy and got her out on the rocky knee deep water cove and carried her up some steps to the grass area near the tram. My violin and music was bagged and duct tapped and stayed dry and didn’t fall into the drink. Got all the stuff transferred up on the tram in two loads. Sacatar and I walked the pathway along the wooden tram the 150 feet up to the Lighthouse with it’s huge, magnificent, sparkling glass prism light which was an incredible sight. At last we are here and see what we have been anticipating for so long. We were the first people to be at the station since October and lots had to be done - cleanup wise and we all got to work in our wet soggy cold feet. Sacatar found her way into the living room and passed out on the braided floor rug for the next 6 hours.
Our stuff on the Tram ready to go up the Hill

Hauled our stuff upstairs to the bedrooms and started cleaning up areas in the kitchen and bathroom. Anne and Greg who came out with us left on the ferry and the 4 of us resumed checking things out and cleaning and fixing. Cyndy and Micheal are our new found friends and will be with us for the next 5 days to show us the ropes. Cyndy took us up in the lighthouse where we finally got to see the spectacular glass prisms and the light - 9 feet tall and 6 feet wide. Priceless and stunningly beautiful, it has been here since 1857. The wrought iron steps leading up to the light were beautifully silhouetted in the afternoon light in the tower. The 360 degree views from the tower top were spectacular. Again, we still couldn’t quite believe that we were really here. After 6 hours without lunch we finally took a break and had happy hour with some cheese and crackers and nuts. After a bit more work and exhaustion, we decided on crab cakes that we brought and I made a salad. We had a nice tasty dinner and went out to see a gorgeous sunset on our first evening at the island. It was so clear that we could see MT Washington that was 86 miles away. As 
Sunset our first night, Mt. Washington in Distance

dusk was approaching the lantern started to sparkle with the decreasing light. Later that evening we went out to look at the light in the night and with this fixed light there were dark spokes that emanated from the lantern room’s seams. We can’t wait for a foggy night when they will be very distinct. We lasted till about eleven PM and fell asleep quickly after our exciting and tiring day on our little island in the north Atlantic off the coast of Maine.

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